SL Lasers™: State-of-the-art laser systems

The SL Lasers™ range is an innovative brand extension of Sulé Loggenberg MMPSI – Masters Qualified PMU & Aesthetic Specialist.

We currently have a complete premium range of products available at SL Lasers™ including:

  • SL Lasers™ Original Solid Laser

  • SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser

  • SL Lasers™ Electra Pro-Delux Device

  • SL Lasers™ EMS Sculpting Device

  • SL Lasers™ 808nm Diode Laser

  • SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser (NEW)

  • SL Lasers™ Professional Diode Laser (3 Wavelenghts)

  • SL Lasers™ MED-808M Pro Device

We have devices suitable for private and professional use.

Our professional range is ideal for Beauty Salons, Permanent Makeup Clinics, Spa’s and also for Medical Professionals. Services and treatments can be combined into various packages to give your clients a satisfying and unique experience with amazing results.

With SL Lasers™ devices there are many treatments available. We can advise you which device would best suit your needs. These are some of our most popular treatments and procedures:

  • The Black Diamond Laser Treatment™ (Carbon Laser Treatment / Hollywood Facial)

  • The Clear Diamond Laser Treatment™

  • Pigmentation removal

  • Vascular treatment

  • Acne treatment

  • Exfoliates and refreshes

  • Large pore reduction and firmer skin

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

  • Blackhead removal

  • Pigmentation removal

  • Age spot removal

  • Birthmark removal

  • Tattoo and Permanent Makeup removal

  • Melasma Removal

  • Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

  • Slimming and Toning

Value added FREE training

We are a highly skilled team with many years of experience and ongoing training. We value high quality and safe training – It is important that any technician is properly trained and certified in operating the laser machine. You will learn about Pre-treatment care, Post-treatment Care, Contraindications and Limitations to cause minimal risk and discomfort to you or your clients.

As a value added service we offer FREE training with the purchase of your SL Lasers™ device.

We want to give you a head-start building confidence in using your machine. We also want you to get familiar and comfortable with the functioning of your machine before you do any procedures or treatments.

Our training will also include best care practices to keep your machine clean and well maintained for optimal use.

“I feel refreshed and my skin feels extremely good. This is definitely the number 1 facial.”


Quality. Innovation. Satisfaction.

Purchase your machine and get your training absolutely FREE!