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The SL Lasers™ Range

The SL Lasers™ range is an innovative brand extension of Sulé Loggenberg MMPSI – Masters Qualified PMU & Aesthetic Specialist.

We are delighted to present premium products available in the SL Lasers™ range. This range is ideal for Beauty Salons, Permanent Makeup Clinics, Spa’s and also for Medical Professionals. Your services and treatments can be combined into various packages to give your clients a satisfying and unique experience with amazing results.

SL Lasers™ Aestethic and Removal

Aesthetic and Removal Technology

Our SL Lasers™ range has been extended to offer you the best in laser technology.

If you have a Salon or Clinic we can assist you to find the most effective device for your needs. Whether you need a powerful beauty device for anti-ageing treatments or a device to do precision removal procedures – we have the device you need!

The SL Lasers™ range has various devices with the capability to do a variety treatments and procedures. These treatments are non-invasive, causing no harm to the skin when done by a trained professional.

Explore the devices in our SL Lasers™ range:

SL Lasers™ Original Solid Laser
SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser Device
SL Lasers™ Professional Diode Laser
SL Lasers™ MED-808M Pro Diode Laser
SL Lasers™ Electra Pro-Delux Device
SL Lasers™ EMS Sculpting Device
SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser (New)
SL Lasers™ Pico Gold Laser

Aesthetic & Removal treatments with SL Lasers™


Breast lift

The SL Lasers™ Multifunction device uses technology involving lifting and tightening of the skin around the breast tissue. Read More >>


Removal Procedures

SL Lasers™ devices are super powerful, revolutionary devices - selected devices can do various Removal Procedures, including tattoo removal.

“At Sulé Loggenberg MMPSI – World Renowned Institute of Permanent Makeup and Microblading we strive to bring you the latest products from around the globe.Whether you are the owner of a salon, clinic or medical professional – With the SL Lasers range you can do a painless and non-invasive procedure. Always putting your clients first!”
Sulé Loggenberg

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