Project Description

SL Lasers™ Professional Diode Laser

SL Lasers™ Professional Diode Laser

Professional Hair Removal Laser with 3 wavelengths

This laser device can penetrate the epidermis to reach the deep hair follicle tissue effectively, by setting the pulse duration to a precise setting on the device. Sufficient thermal “damage” is caused to the follicle but the surrounding area is left unaffected.

Suitable for:

  • Facial hair

  • Legs

  • Arms

  • Underarms

  • Bikini Line


The hair is trimmed and a cooling agent applied to the area. In a fraction of a second pulsed red light heats the hair and the hair becomes detached from the follicle. Which leads to the hair falling out. The hair follicle is then left unable to produce a new hair.


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