Project Description

SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser (NEW)

SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser (NEW)

Removal for:

  • Hair Removal (Body and Face)

  • Tattoo & PMU Removal

  • Pigmentation Removal

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles Removal

  • Freckle Removal

Skin treatments

  • Skin Rejuventation

  • Skin Whitening

  • Black Diamond Laser Treatment™

  • Clear Diamond Laser Treatment™

  • Pore shrinking

  • Deep Skin Cleaning

  • Skin Firming

  • Face- and eye lifting

Even More Tech Advances!

UK Lamp, designed with a larger spot-size for faster hair removal! The latest, stronger, more accurate porcelain handle, New Self-detection system! DPL technology released in March 2023!

Including the latest hair removal technology on the market! (Released March 2023!)

DPL (Dye Pulsed Light) is the upgraded version of IPL/SHR. It is also known as Narrow spectrum light rejuvenation and Precise skin rejuvenation.

DPL is more precise than IPL/SHR, and the treatment period is reduced. DPL can activate narrow spectrum light within 100 – 150nm which contains the absorption peak of black melanin and oxyhemoglobin. The wavelength of 150nm includes two of the absorption peaks of oxyhemoglobin, which greatly improves the treatment effects and safety. DPL effectively solves the problem for sensitive skin, corticosteroid addictive dermatitis and rosacea that traditional IPL cannot do.

The Dyanmic Pulsed Light Facial (DPL) is a cutting-edge treatment that combines laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat skin issues like melasma and dull, fatigued skin. The effectiveness of this treatment is based on Dynamic Toning Technology, or D-Light.


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