Project Description

SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser Device

SL Lasers™ Multifunction Laser Device

  • New Software!

  • 4 Probes including the Clear Diamond Laser Treatment™ probe!

  • Now with 7 Wavelengths!

  • New Super Sonic Hair Removal!

With this device you can do breast lifts

It uses technology involving non-invasive lifting and tightening of the skin around the breast tissue. Effective and safe in reducing sagginess in the breast and the surrounding area. It involves a two-step process – superficial tightening and deep tightening of the breast tissue.

With this device you can do hair removals

This device brings you the latest in hair removal developments with the E-light functions. Compatible with very light to very dark skin tones! You can also do hair removal for very fine to very course hair.


  • All E-light functions Hair removal, rejuvenation ect.

  • All Yag Laser functions Tattoo removal ect.

  • All RF functions Skin lifting, tightening ect.

Various Treatments and Combinations

  • Black Diamond Laser Treatment™

  • Clear Diamond Laser Treatment™

  • Skin rejuvenation and Pigmentation Removal

  • Malesma Treatment

A Combination of the above treatments can also be done with this machine!

But that is not all…

  • Tattoo & PMU Removal

  • Birthmark Removal

  • New Sonic Super Hair Removal and 7 Filters!

Important to note…

Excessive hair growth can be a result of a client-specific hormone imbalance. It is recommend that hormone balancing treatment is done before continuing to achieve satisfactory results.


Quality. Innovation. Satisfaction.

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