Project Description

SL Lasers™ MED-808M Pro Diode Laser

SL Lasers™ MED-808M Pro Diode Laser

How it works:

Diode laser hair removal technology transports average energy deep into the dermis where the hair follicle grows. Diode laser with TEC assisted in handle provides safe and e­ffective loss of unwanted hair for all skin types and hair styles.

Safe and Comfortable, Double Benefits

  • Double TEC Active Cooling Modular brings twin cooling e­ffects.

  • Ensures the safest and most comfortable treatment is available.

  • Super long continuous working time will double your business.

  • Three changeable spot sizes, large at 12 x18mm, medium at 12 x12mm, and mini at 9 x 9mm, provide various hair removal solutions for the whole body.

  • Each tip fits seamlessly onto the handpiece, changing tips instead of handpieces for spot size flexibility, user cost saved a lot.

  • Spot Size Auto Identification and FCA (Fluence Calibration Automatically) technology ensure the same energy density.

  • Ergonomic lightweight handpiece is designed for long hours usage, greatly reducing operator fatigue.

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