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Meet Sulé
Owner & Founder of the SL Group of Companies. Master Trainer and Advanced Permanent Makeup.

Sulé Qualified as a Beauty Aesthetician in 2001 and continued studies to the equivalent of level NVQ9 and QCF9 .
Her love for beauty inspired her to go-on and complete various Permanent Makeup courses around the world and learned from a variety of Permanent Makeup Masters. She ultimately obtained her Master Permanent Makeup, Paramedical Course and Master Trainer Certification in the USA and Europe. She also completed her PhiBrow Certification & PhiBrow Shading. She has Advanced Permanent Makeup experience and knowledge in both manual and machine method with over 20 years of experience.

Sulé’s accolades include International Recognition for Permanent Makeup, Pigment Removal and Camouflaging Techniques. She hosted and completed a variety of International Master Classes and Conferences and introduced the first Hair Follicle Simulation (HFS) treatment to South Africa.

Her most recent experience led to performing permanent makeup procedures in New Zealand on a variety of skin types. This has allowed her to broaden her understanding of all the different skin types and requirements for successful permanent makeup procedures on any type of skin.

Her impeccable skin knowledge also paved the way for her SL Lasers™ machines and products, that ensure her clients get the best quality treatments there is for each occasion.

She also acquired the following:

  • QCF Level 4 & 5 in Radiation Safety
  • Laser Safety Supervisor and Officer
  • Laser Tattoo & Pigments Blemish Removal
  • IPL Hair Reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation

Visit her website for more information and bookings: www.suleloggenberg.com

Meet Tanya
Corporate representative, stock, logistics, marketing

Tanya is a logistics expert! Making sure that our treatment and training booking system runs smoothly and are always on time.

She is Sulé’s right-hand at the SL Headoffice in Heidelberg. And also manages all your product orders from our online stores including all the SL Lasers™ product and device orders.

Always friendly and knowledgeable around any questions you may have.

Meet Rozanne
Official Representative and Trainer for SL Lasers™.

Rozanne’s journey in the industry began when she graduated as a Somatologist from the renowned International Academy of Health and Skin Care in 2007. It was during her time at the academy that she discovered her relentless passion for health and skincare. This fervour for the field fuelled her determination to pursue further education and qualifications.

To deepen her understanding of the industry, she successfully completed additional courses in L&P Conversion, Brisa Conversion, Babor, Su Do Airbrush training, and Environ Skin Care. These diverse qualifications have equipped her with a comprehensive knowledge of various skincare techniques and products.

Currently, Rozanne’s expertise and dedication take the spotlight as she serves as the National Sales representative at Hannon. In this pivotal role, she not only showcases her exceptional understanding of the skincare industry but also holds the esteemed position of being the right hand to Hannon Bothma, a renowned figure in the field, including accompanying him on an international level in Mauritius.

Rozanne’s responsibilities as the National Sales representative are multifaceted, encompassing vital liaison and support functions within the company. She consistently contributes to the successful promotion and distribution of Hannon’s products throughout the nation. Moreover, her adeptness in this field allows her to seamlessly aid and guide our cherished clients and partners.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Rozanne to our team, as her expertise and dedication are certain to strengthen our organization’s position as a leader in the Laser treatment and skincare industry. Her relentlessness, wealth of knowledge, and commitment to providing exceptional service makes her an invaluable asset to both our team and our esteemed clients.

Important to note:

Each Clinic or Salon have their own payment structure for procedures. Contact SL Lasers™ to find a registered service provider in your area and find out about their unique payment options.


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